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Who We Are

We are a Los Angeles-based production company that is dedicated to creating electric, artist-driven works that push the boundaries of modern storytelling.

Walk through our doors and you will find a group of artists who are fierce and fearless in the pursuit of their own unique voices. People who are unapologetically authentic both in life and in work. A community that is open, supportive, an accepting. A company that is committed to passionate, revolutionary new works that challenge our artists, our audiences, and our industry.

I think every theater space should operate the way this one does.


What We Do

The Commons is an incubator for groundbreaking, urgent new works. Our stories are electric, authentic, vulnerable, and brave.

We are committed to empowering works from a diverse group of storytellers whose voices and experiences are overlooked in the entertainment industry and to propelling these stories into the mainstream media. By actively bridging the gap between these two worlds, we're working to create a more inclusive and diverse entertainment experience. Because representation matters.

I believe in the work

The Commons does because it's undeniable.




The commons is committed to radical inclusivity. That means not only do we welcome everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, orientation, ability, or anything else, but we actively celebrate the things that make us all different. No matter who you are or where you come from, there's a place for you at The Commons. 

Stay in the loop on upcoming auditions, opportunities, and performances with  our virtual newsletter or following us on social media (or both). Have something more to say? Go ahead and drop us a note. We'd love to chat with you.

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/ˈkä-mənz/ – noun


1. Land or resources for the whole of a community.

2. Belonging equally to all in question.

3. Joined, united, the same.

4. A gathering place.

5. A light in the dark. 

6. A rally cry.


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