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WATCH: "Hot Stuff" from Non-Binary Burlesque

Non-Binary Burlesque is a celebration of trans and gender non-conforming bodies — exactly as we are. Right now.


Created & Directed by: Julie Ouellette (she/they)

Choreographed by: Kevin Dennis (he/him)

Videography by: Nathaniel Peterson (he/him)

Still Photography: Nick Agro (he/him)


Ayaka Green (she/her)

Jude Kamler (they/them)

Austin Klich (they/them)

Nikki Knupp (they/he)

Kirby LaBrea (he/him)

Kelby Jo McClellan (they/them)

Vico Ortiz (they/she/him)

Autumn Robinson (she/her)

→ And Special Guest Jay Kuhns (they/he)

"Hot Stuff"

Made popular by Donna Summer

Performed by Minniva

Produced by: The Commons – Los Angeles

Julie Ouellette, Producing Artistic Director

Associate Producers: Kevin Dennis, Kelly Whitaker


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