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Welcome to The Commons

The Commons is a Los Angeles based production company dedicated to empowering Queer artists. These are the pillars on which we are founded:


We are driving change. We amplify bold, disruptive, revolutionary ideas about what theatre can be and actively challenge our artists, our audiences, and our industry.


We empower underrepresented artists. Diversity, equity, inclusion and access are more than just buzzwords on a grant application for us; they are the foundation that we have built our company on. Without them, we collapse. Radical inclusivity means more than “Everyone is welcome here.” It means everyone belongs here.


We fight for your voice. We believe that Queer audiences deserve to see themselves represented authentically and joyfully on stage and screen. We fight for stories that are as rich and diverse as our community; and by making sure that Queer artists are on the frontlines and behind the scenes, we’re leading the way for honest, electric, intersectional representation in the media.


We are one team. We support each other, lead each other, and learn from each other. We recognize that we are part of a vibrant and beautiful community, and we measure our success against how well we serve it. With everything we do, we aim to uplift our community, build social value, and minimize our negative impact on the environment.

Also, we have great outfits.


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